The mission of the Fred Douglass Community Development Corporation (FDCDC) is to advance the social and economic well-being of low and moderate income individuals and families in and around Jacksonville, Texas. Our mission will be achieved through a comprehensive education and community development strategy which includes programs and services designed to benefit children youth, adults and senior citizens.

FDCDC has a fundamental belief that poverty cycles can be broken by education, hard work and opportunity. We envision youth in Jacksonville growing up with dreams of becoming confident and successful citizens that are positively affecting the quality of life in their community. Our belief is if they are given the proper tools, resources and guidance they are morel likely to fulfill their destiny.

Proposed Programs and Services
The programs and services proposed by the Fred Douglass Empowerment Center include (not all-inclusive):

  • Serving as a state of the art resource center for affordable housing programs, access to healthcare, promotion of small businesses and economic development, neighborhood empowerment, workforce training and social enterprise.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment where services and educational programs are offered to individuals, families, youth and senior citizens in the areas targeted in the organization’s mission.
  • Development of a multiservice center that will house many of the services addressed above as well as others that may be identified by community need.
  • A family literacy program, possibly including GED assistance
  • Before and after school care/activities for youth at risk
  • Various activities for youth from elementary through high school age, including sports
  • Mentoring/role model programs that encourage and prepare for college acceptance
  • Job assistance programs (Job Bank)
  • Various programs that assist the elderly and for single parents
  • Community meetings and special events rental space
  • Health and health care screenings (Diabetes/High Blood Pressure/Mammograms)
  • Food and Clothing programs for the needy
  • Computer Lab with internet access (Digital Divide)