The FDCDC is a 501c(3) non-profit organization launched during 2009 in response to un-met community needs identified by the Fred Douglass Alumni Association whose members have roots in the Jacksonville community for many decades and generations.  FDCDC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and has a large base of volunteers that are committed to the positive development of all youth and families in the area, regardless of their economic, ethnic or social status.

Problem Statement

There are too many families and youth residing in Jacksonville, Texas without access to critically-needed positive development programs and services that lead to economic independence, self-sufficiency, academic success and a life (free) from public welfare assistance. The Fred Douglass Empowerment Center (Center) will provide a central location for citizens in Jacksonville to participate in a one-stop multi-purpose Center that will provide programs and opportunities designed with an outcome of a “hand-up” to those in need, instead of a hand-out.
The Center’s service area will include the most distressed and poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the city. This area has an alarming and growing number of high-risk youth and school dropouts without access to proven, holistic programs that address the area’s pervasive problems with school failure, truancy, drugs, life-skills, counseling, workforce training, crime rates and skills development.
Additionally, there are many adults and heads of households that need workforce training, educational remediation, technology training and occupational trades programs that can lead to living wage employment (above the poverty level) or small business stimulus assistance for entrepreneurial projects.